Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What to do, what to do....

What to do, what to do.......

It's a long drive from my sister's house in eastern Washington to my house in Portland, Oregon.
I am easily bored.

What to do, what to do.......

I decided to make a colored pencil quilt.

This cover of American Patchwork and Quilting was my inspiration. The quilt is by one of my favorite designers, Sandy Klop of American Jane fame.

I only had the on line picture of the cover, but I figured out the pattern, and came up with this drawing.

It's a beautiful, graphic yet charming quilt and could be made with cut up jelly roll strips. But after counting all those 2 1/2 inch rows and corresponding corner intersections that would need to be matched, I decided to try a different approach.

What to do, what to do......

Think of the quilt as a 2 block quilt composed of one 6 and 1/2 inch square sewn to a nine patch block that would also measure 6 and 1/2 inches. Here's the drawing for this new construction method.

Block one is simply a 6 1/2 inch square.
Block two is a nine patch made of 2 1/2 inch squares. Color placement is crucial here.
The overall effect will be the same, I think, as the marvelous cover on the Feb issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

What to do, what to do.....

Guess I will clear off the table in my studio and try this out as soon as I get home.
Only 85 miles to go.


  1. Hi Cherri,
    The overall effect will be great; you have a great eye for color!
    Your concept looks similar to what Eleanor Burns uses for her Irish Chain quilt in a day..but color placement opposite etc. I have the book if you would like to borrow it. :) May cut down on some of your time for math and all that!

  2. Can I just say - holy shit! Awesome method with the 9-patch blocks next to the big square! Why didn't I think of that????