Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am a blog virgin

I am from the colored pencil generation.
Not the electronic computer graphic generation.
But I am willing to give this blog thing a try.
Even tho it hurts to type while clutching a bunch of Prismacolors.

Welcome, welcome to a few of my ramblings, rantings, and ravings.
Mostly quilt related.
Mostly true.
Mostly inspired by my free annual trip around the sun.

And sew on and sew on....


  1. Cherri, you will have so much fun with this. Welcome!


  2. Great job oldie! Now get out your damn camera and start snapping some photos.

    ps: love ya!

  3. Welcome to Blogland, Cherri!!! Sew happy to see you started a blog - even though I'm tempted to throw toast at your virgin post! ;-)

  4. Throwing toast is much better than throwing up. Right?

  5. Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  6. lovely post, you have a great way with words. it will be fun to read your posts.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful blogging experience. My first tip is this--don't lose sleep about not responding to comments!

  8. Cherri girl!
    I can't blog on a sewing blogsite! I'm a fraud! When I sneak into a fabric store, on some errand like buying velcro to cover up my sewing inabilities, I think they can smell me; I'm waiting for a herd of seamstresses to point at me and pounce, shrieking "She doesn't know a blind hem from a slip stitch!!"
    But here's a tip: the Kwiksew website has a section on free projects. In it there's a "no sew fleece blanket." Hey, I think even I can do that one. You buy a piece of fleece. Cut to size. End of comment.