Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dangling Threads

The truth is with most new endeavors, there is a steep learning curve. So much to learn, so little time! To speed up the process, I am attending the week long Machine Quilters Showcase in Overland Park, Kansas this May. I will probably be the least experienced quilter in attendance! This conference will provide me with important information and actual practice on long arm machines with accomplished teachers. Quilting tools and techniques, background fills, feathers, and line designs are all on the agenda. In preparation for this amazing opportunity, I decided to have business cards made. I figure, I am in the "business of learning"...hence the cards. I left a lot of room on the card so I can sew on each and every one! Check it out!

In other Sew On studio news, I pieced and finished 2 quilts.

A sweet baby quilt complete with swirly quilting and a yellow and gray nap size log cabin.

My friend and long arm guru, Rachel says to think about what your personal doodle is and incorporate that design into your free motion quilting. I must doodle a lot of
ocean waves and swirls because that's what comes out onto the quilt top. I have filled many journals and the back of every used envelope in the house with possible quilting designs.

There is not a paper surface insight without pencil quilting on it!

Swirls and ocean wave quilting.

Currently on the long arm, I have a multicolor courthouse steps pattern featuring Lush paint dots....I am determined to try something besides swirls. I hope to share it at the next Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

My friend Kaci, made these three quilts out of solids using the amazing improv skills learned at her annual workshops with Nancy Crow at the big barn. Aren't they simply marvelous? They are hanging above the fabric storage area at the studio.

Upcoming events include:

Pics of Mendocino yardage being cut up into somewhat random strips.....gasp!

Dates of the Quilts for Japan sewing events at Sew On in April.....

Vintage sheet and vintage feed sack love.....

Stay tuned!