Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wonky Argyle

Sometimes you want to machine quilt a complicated, preplanned, precise, technically challenging, ever so accurate, intricate pattern.

This is not that time.

Welcome to the world of wonky argyle quilting!
Grab 3 or 4 colors of thread that contrast or match with your pieced fabric top. Leave you feed dogs up. Yes, up! Thread your machine with your featured color and go!

Place your quilt sandwich under the presser foot, insert the needle near the corner of your fabric. You will be sewing a gently wavy line diagonally across your top. If you have a dial on your machine to lessen the foot pressure, use it now. This will make it easier for you to "drive" your fabric from corner to corner.

Pretend you are driving an expensive sports car on a wavy, winding road. The fabric is your steering wheel. The foot pedal is your accelerator.

When you get to the opposite corner, move the needle over about 2 inches and "drive back on a wavy road that is somewhat parallel to your first road. Do not aim for precise parallel perfection.

Continue driving...err....I mean quilting until your top is covered with wavy lines of stitching. Now, go from the other corner with the same pattern to make a cross hatched, wonky, wavy line diagonal grid.

Change thread colors and echo stitch about 1/4 inch from the original wavy lines. generally I use one color from the left top corner to the bottom right corner and a second color going the other direction. These added lines and colors are what make wonky argyle quilting look so much more difficult than it is. Use your presser foot to help you sew this new stitching line so that it is parallel to the original line.

You are done! And doesn't it look great? Colorful, sturdy, artful.


  1. What an interesting technique. I haven't seen that before. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Deanna! It sure is a fast low stress way to add all over quilting.....and you get to use lots of thread colors.
    Hey Deanna, I am new to blogging and I am just wondering did you come across my blog? I am curious.

  3. A beautiful idea beautifully implemented!!

  4. I love this Cherri! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a quilt top just about finished, I just might try it out :)

  5. Oooo Maremare, I would love to see it! Perhaps at the January PMQG meeting?

  6. Quilt top finished and pinned, off to try this out! I have some variegated thread I might use for a couple of the lines!

  7. Lovely! Great tute! This is just what I was needing to finish my husband"s stocking. It turned out awesome, thanks Cherri!

  8. So cool! I think I may have a project in mind to try this on. Totally got a kick out of the driving analogy but I'll try to focus on it to keep the lines smooth.

  9. Lovely! I'm about ready to try this. What foot did you use? Your FMQ foot and zero stitch length, or ???. Thank you! Toni